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via Cà Righetti, 17 - 47853 Coriano (RN)
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Our History

In the late '50s Battista Cecchini moved from Montescudo, his birth village, to Coriano in an 8 hectares overgrown farm with 200 olive trees. He molded his idea with tenacity and effort, turning that wild land into vineyards, choosing the most appropriate vine varieties for that specific area.

In the '80s the management is transferred to his son Silvano (current owner), who in a few years turned the production from cask wine in fine wines in the bottle.

In the last few years Luca, Silvano's son and young winemaker, has brought in our wines some openness and innovation, blending tradition and technical skills.

Where We Are

Valle delle Lepri - Company

via Cà Righetti, 17 - 47853 Coriano (RN)

  • From the Highway A 14 exit Rimini Sud:
    turn right to Coriano at the traffic light on the A-Road.
    After about 10 Km reach Coriano, continue to the city center and arrive in the town hall square (Piazza Mazzini), turn right and follow the signs to the winery (500 mt).
  • From the Highway A 14 exit Riccione:
    follow the signs to Coriano, about 7 Km.
    Enter in the city center and reach the town hall square (Piazza Mazzini), turn right and follow the signs to the winery (500m).
  • By bus:
    from Rimini bus n. 20
    from Riccione bus n. 58
    From the bus stop in Coriano the winery is about 500 mt.

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The Company

The organic farm Valle delle Lepri covers 11 hectares: 10 hectares vineyards and and 1 hectare olive tree grove.

The Cecchinis manage personally and with passion all the supply chain, taking care of natural viticulture and winemaking, something which gives our wines personality and local identity, safeguarding our costumers.

Lately we opened a store in Riccione, right in front of the sea, where you can taste and buy our wines.

The Concept

The name Valle delle Lepri, in English Hares' Valley, comes out from a project by Silvano, to preserve and protect the hares in this area. More than 6 hectares of the vineyard are fenced and used for the adaptation and repopulation of this animal.

This selfless love for nature led Silvano into a more precise viticulture, turning his farm in 1992 in an organic winery. Since then we defend our plants from diseases only through sulfur and copper, absolutely with no pesticides or synthetic products, grassing the entire rows and doing the pruning and harvesting just by hand. These specific cares keep luxuriant the flora and fauna in the valley and help us to give you genuine wines with strong personality.

In wine cellar Luca Cecchini (winemaker-oenologist) is oriented (oenologist) to a biodynamic concept, using a few concentrations of sulfites and yeast from our own vineyards, which blended with very low physical interventions make you to taste our country and our passion for vineyards, and let us to respect the vintages' diversity.

The Winery

The Cecchinis look after the vines personally, grassing the gap between the rows and reducing the production per plant with a specific thinning.

After a manual, loving, grape harvest, the winemaking is made by modern technologies, always caring for and preserving the high quality our grapes and minimizing physical or chemical interventions.

We obtain red wines with intense and elegant flavor refining in soft wood. This process smooths the wine's liveliness without distorting the local tones. The white wines are very fresh with savory trace due to the calcareous-clay soil, rich in minerals, and due to the breeze, because the sea is just few kilometers far.

Since 1992 Valle delle Lepri has received the Organic Certification, confirming our work to persist our idea of respect for the environment and safeguarding our customers.

The winery welcome you to taste and buy the wines and products in our wide and comfortable brand new hall.